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According to ecommerce developers, returns are among the not so pleasant parts of running an ecommerce website. Did you know that return rates are higher than actual purchases on several brick and mortar stores? It is a sad reality that returns are unavoidable but there are certain things you can do to avoid losing lots of money.

Should You Offer Free Returns?

Big online stores particularly Amazon is known for offering free returns. But many customers dread returning an item because they were not prepared with the shipping charges. You will be ahead of the game by offering a free shipping for free returns.

Amazon does not charge their customers if they choose to drop off the return at their authorized UPS address. On the other hand, you will obviously pay a certain amount when you requested them to pick up the eligible item.

Keep your policy simple and clear.

The return policy should clearly state all your requirements for customers who want to send back their items. It should be easy to understand. Enlist your requirements for the product’s eligibility to be returned. Some online stores do not allow return of certain items. Downloadable items, groceries, and prepaid phone cards are just examples of stuff you cannot return to Amazon. It’s also worth noting that hazardous materials are not eligible for returns.

Understand the Realities of Returning Purchases.

It helps to understand why customers want to return something they just bought from you. The reason varies for every customer. To some, it’s because the product is not something that they expected. You can prevent this from happening by including as much information as you can for every item. Make sure your product descriptions are accurate. Some descriptions are misleading that there are customers who end buying the wrong item.

It’s hard to accept this reality but there are shoppers who tend to miss certain details about your item. There are instances when there are already the things people need, like the dimensions and all but they still end up regretting buying the item. Just accept the fact that it’s human nature to commit mistakes and there is nothing else you can do but move on.

Do note that there are frauds who want to take advantage of free returns. Come up with certain criteria like the item should be in its original packaging and comes with a certificate of authenticity. When you are planning to set up a restocking fee for undamaged items, ensure that they were stated clearly on your guidelines.

A commonly used solution to prevent being victimized by fraudsters is to allow a third-party agency handle the returns. They have the ability to track if a certain buyer has been returning too much. Returning items excessively is a warning sign to online retailers.

Ultimately, shoppers will have the confidence buying from your store knowing that your return policies are not complicated. Online shoppers want a policy that is hassle-free for them should they wish to send it back to you.