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App creation is a tedious process and as a businessman, you may not have the time nor the expertise to do it yourself. Therefore, one logical thing to do is to hire an app development team. However, you cannot just look up app developers on Google search and phone the first entry on the SERPs, you have to do your due diligence to research on the best ones that you can find in your area. I think you already know what you need to find in an app development team before hiring them, but for those who don’t, here are some mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a mobile app developer:

1. The Cheapest Developer Might Not be the Best

Here is the thing, businesses always want to stay competitive and they put a price that is going to be worth it for their clients. However, just looking at the price of the developer is actually a mistake since the cheaper ones are not the best ones that you can find. To help you get the best development team out there, ask them about their quoted price and ask them how they do things like when is the app expected to be finished, what their team consists of, just to name a few.

2. Ask for Reference

Ask the development agency about their previous clients so that you can ask them for reference. Look at the bigger clients that they’ve catered to in the past and phone them up. Ask them how their application looked like and if it is successful in the app market. References can help you gain more information about a particular development agency. And, if you find that more than 3 of their clients are happy (especially the bigger players), then you’re going to have to hire them.

3. Do They Outsource?

Some app development companies outsource their projects to freelancers to help them save money. However, this can present a lot of problems- one of which is the probable breakdown of communication. As much as possible, you want to hire a development team that has all of their workers in-house so that communication is never going to be a problem.

4. Don’t Pay Upfront

If they ask you to pay the project in full upfront, then you better stay away. You see, app development is a process and it is divided into stages. There might be instances where the project goes out of hand and it will not be finished at the time they were given. Therefore, it is best that you pay at the different stages of app development instead of paying everything in full.

5. Can They Create Cross-Platform Apps?

Creating an application that is compatible with all of the mobile operating systems is hard and requires a lot of time to finish. Ask them if they are willing to develop one for you and also ask about the timeline as well. You have to set your expectations before talking to them so that they will know how to tackle things in the process.